The Green Skyline Initiative

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About Bioblinds

Bioblinds are a conceptual holistic creative approach to a more sustainable future. Bioblinds provide organic curtains for individual windows or entire houses and, theoretically, complete skylines. They are a speculative design project with essentially the vision to offer an open source kit to build fully functional window blinds made of plants in a DIY design. On the one hand we have the mission to make Bioblinds available for free as a DIY design and on the other hand you can order your exclusive Bioblinds here – as a conceptual speculative design piece. The first step would be a feasibility test. Get in touch!

Just quickly talking about the functions

Bioblinds can block the sun-light and reduce UV radiation, at the same time they provide privacy to the degree you want, as they can be opened and closed, and they also function as thermal isolations. Ergo Bioblinds somehow are “vertical gardening 2.0”. You can even grow food. Scroll down to see the vision of our research-cube. Click to enlarge.

How to participate

Support our crowd funding campaign starting in December 2019.

Place an order request for your own Bioblinds here.

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The Green Skyline Initiative

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What we can learn from forests!

The forest, this collection of trees, bushes, the entire flora and fauna with all their unpredictable sounds, lets us perceive the surroundings at all distances and with all our senses at the same time. Despite the diversity, it is easy to either feel this wild dance or just one bar from the inside. And to feel how the forest resonates with the surroundings, of which it is part, in an ever pulsating cycle.
A dance is always unique in its isolation, but becomes in the natural indissoluble connection with everything, even the experiencer itself. Everything coexists at the same time in the same place — and enables a deeper meaning in which the human being is only one event, one dance of many. All events and their overlays of the forest combine to form a truth that does not recognize “progress”, but recognizes the concept of “change cycle” as an axiom.
The actual movement of the forest as an overall event gives an idea of ​​the shape of the wind. A figure that is much larger than us or the forest and maybe even the world. And at the same time the wind is a figure that is inextricably linked to all events, including mankind, the tree, the forest, the world, metamorphosis, the conflicts, the dances and bars. Woven into this constant change, there is always the agile, the big picture as constantly new overlays and contaminations. The forest, nature, its rhythm and spirit teach as multimodal events to raise this strong but not indestructible cycle to the basis of all thoughts.
When digitization has focused on what is without substance, nature helps to recognize real relevance and to relativize it through contextualization. This possibility of recognition is a power that is inherent in the forest as well as the sea and the starry sky. But for this, nature in the hearts of people (religion as we know it will probably not do it again) has to become more important.
This results in a concrete healthy, life-sustaining, respectful humility towards everything natural. Because in fact everything natural is inherent in this power to recognize substance. But mankind is too busy. The forest helps here too. It automatically draws attention, organically to the twitching flow of the change cycle. It offers a connection point, a keyhole, a straw for forgotten knowledge. The forest calms and focuses the senses — the recognized and the non-namable. It puts the ability of attention and vigilance over you like a protective blanket. It is an inclusive event of dominant, small, at first glance unimportant, collaborative, symbiotic, synergetic, unthinkable and diverse inspirations and events. While these can be seen, they don’t have to be seen, to be magical and relevant.
At the change cycle itself, your own mission is also waiting. Because, despite all humility, people have the power to steer the cycle of change through “Organic Design Thinking” and “Speculative Design”. Through digitization more than ever. What is certain is that what is against living beings, against the forest, the sky, the sea or the stars cannot be the right impulse for the change cycle.
This message is written and anchored everywhere in all existing and non-existent languages. In addition to other major events such as the wind, the sea or the sky, the forest is simply easier to understand for humans than a stinging wasp. We need ways to bring the magic, truth and directness of the forest into the urban human life and, in the best case, to fulfill a practical function. We need Trojan horses in which nature can find their second home in the city, visible to everyone. That is why we developed Bioblinds.